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3 Channel, Front Full HD 1080p, Rear HD 720p

Indoor HD Infrared (IR) Built-in Dual-Core to support 30FPS recording

SAVV M35-H2 | 3 Channel Dashcam, 1080p Built-in Dual-Core CPU to support 30 FPS

$329.00 Regular Price
$259.00Sale Price
  • Camera: Front 2.0MP, 6G, 1/2.7" Rear 1.0MP, 4G 1/4" Indoor (IR)

    Display: 3.5" wide TFT LED (480x320), capacitive touch screen

    Resolution: Front FHD (1920x720) Indoor (IR). Rear: HD(1280x720). Indoor (IR): HD (1280x720)

    Memory: 32/64/128GB SD Memory

    Recording Method: Continuous recording, event recording, manual recording, parking record (Parking Mode)

    Number of Recording Farame: Up to 30 fps simultaneously

    Audio: PCM (Pulse code modulation)

    Acceleration Sensor: G Sensor (3-axis acceleration sensor)

    GPS: External GPS (Optional)

    Power: Input Power: DC 12/24 (11.8/23.8 ~ 12.4/24.4 Selectable)

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