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Wi-Fi, Sony Exmor R Starvis Sensors

Made in Korea


The five modes are: ALWAYS, EVENT, 'TRUE' PARKING; MOTION-DETECTION, TIME-LAPSE; and MANUAL RECORDING MODE. OTHER FEATURES & ACCESSORIES - Features that come standard with this product are: WI-FI, mobile app with Android and iOS compatibility; Windows and PC dash camera viewer, two-channel recording, enhanced night vision, GPS and GPS features, Format-Free Technology, temperature resistance, low power cut off, super capacitor, 21 language support, DIY installation.


Qvia AR790-S, One Channel ADAS 3.0 + Wi-Fi, Sony Exmor RS Sensor

$299.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
  • FULL HD FRONT RECORDING - Disrupting industry standards for recording quality. UPGRADED ADAS - The complete overhaul of the Advance Driver Assistance System provides the user with more ADAS accuracy, functionality, features, and now 2019 compatibility with our premium accessories. DUAL SAVE FILING SYSTEM - The dual save filling system is optimized for the average daily commute to long-haul cross-country drives with a primary focus on accessibility and efficiency. The recordings are allocated to a simple-yet-advance file tree on the SD card depending on the recording mode or event being recorded. RECORDING MODES - Just as your vehicle has 5 or more driving functions or ‘modes’: PRNDL (Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low).. each recording mode of the camera serves a specific purpose depending on what the vehicle is doing. 

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