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Lukas Q900 2-Channel 1080p Full HD Dash Camera + Built-in GPS

$240.00 Regular Price
$169.00Sale Price
  • ALWAYS RECORDING: Through out your drive, Q900 constantly records and saves video files onto the SD card. Each file is 3-minute long and when the SD card is full. The old files will get deleted in turn to make space for new video files, MOTION /EVENT RECORDING: When an impact is detected, Q900 saves a 30-second video (10 seconds prior to and 20 seconds after the impact). To insure that even a slightest impact is recorded, Motion Recording Mode records even the small movements and motions around your vehicle for 30 second, SAVE PHOTOS: When your vehicle is at stop or an impact is detected for Motion/Event Recording, Q900 captures 3 photos for each front and rear cameras and saves them in a separate folder, SAVE DRIVING INFORMATION: Using Lukas PC Viewer, driving information such as date, time, speed and voltage levels, can be saved onto your PC without the need to play the footage. With such information, you can have more details about your driving footage, 3 IN 1 GPS: Now a Must-Have Feature for your dash Camera – Automatic Time Adjustment Function, Speed Information and Google Map Integration for Location Information