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Full HD 1080p 60fps ADAS, FCWS, LDWS - Optional GPS 


COMPACT BUT  FEATURE -PACKED I FULL HD 1080P 60FPS I SEGMENT DISPLAY I INCREDIBLE VIDEO QUALITY - Crispy & Sharp I LK-7500V is Wi-Fi enabled which connects to your smartphone. Ussing Lukas APP, view recorded footage, downloand or delete files without having to connect to a cocomputer I ADAS, FCWS, LDWS I Built-in Dual Band GPS+Glonass I Format Free Technology I Dual Save Feature I Variable Recording Modes (Always I Event I Parking Recording-Motion Detection I manual, Emergency Recording Modes)



SONY STARVIS image sensor in the front camera delivers sharper and cleaner videos bothbay and night, picking up details on the road around you. LK-7500V records at 60FPS with all recording modes to produce smoother and cleaner footage, captureing every moment not only on the road, but also when your car is parked 

Lukas LK-7500V 1 Ch. Dashcam, Wi-Fi I Full HD 1080p 60fps, ADAS, STARVIS Sensor

$249.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price
    • FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) - it is designed to significantly reduce the severity of road accidents.the system uses the sensors in the front camera to detect an imminent rear-end collision. The front camera analyzed what is being recorded real-time and detects an imminent collision which could arise from factors such as driver inattention or distraction, and drowsy driving. When such collision is detected, the system gives the driver a warning in advance to prevent a road accident.
    • LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) - It is designed to warn a driver in advance to prvent a possible road accident when changing a lane in the driving process. The System works as the front camera on the winshield analyzes what is being recorded real-time to give a warning when chnaging a lane. This could significantly reduce road accidents which could arise from factors such as driver inattention or distraction, drowsy driving, and unskilled steering wheel operation.
    • FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alarm) - It is a sytem that gernerates an alarm so that the driver at a stop sign can be aware of a start of the frontal vehicle. This system can help distracted drivers to stay focused while driving
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