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Saving the invisible driving information. The icons will be saved with video footages in your black box

Driver's operation information will help drivers to improve their driving habits. Saving driver's operation information in separate Excel files and footages so it's very helpful to check and identity faults in accidents. Eco Drivers can improve fuel-efficiency diving habit by ECO driving level messages shown in LED display of black box


Lukas LK-750 OBD II Module for LK-7900, 7950WD, 9700ARA, 9750 Duo Dash Cameras

$99.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
  • LK-750 OBD II Module contains low voltage cut off function: So, additional low voltage cut off device is not nessassary. And voltage can be set in the viewer easily.

    CPU: 32bit ARMv7 Cortex-M3 / Connector: TypeA OBD II(16pin) 2.5 pie stereo 4 poles+DC, Type B OBD II(16pin) microUSB 5pin, Type C OBD II(16pin) mini USB 5pin / Vehicle interface: K-Line CAN / State indication: Main body LED(red & green) / Automatic Vehicle Recognition: Automatically recognized about 30 seconds after initial installation / GPS External installation (optional) / Cable Length: Approx.2.5m / Power Cut Off Voltage: 11.8V - 12.4V(factory default 12.1V) / Size: 50 x 17 x 30mm



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