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This is Cigarette Jack Cord for listed Lukas and Qvia Dash Cameras.

Lukas Dash Camera Cigarette Jack Power Cable For LK & Qvia Series (4m) - PLEASE

$29.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
    • Lukas LK-6200Plus, LK-7200 Cuty, LK-7500V, LK-7950WD,
    • Lukas LK-9100 Duo, LK-9150 Duo, LK-9300 Duo, LK-9350 Duo, LK-9500
    • Lukas LK-9750 Duo, LK-9700 Duo,
    • Lukas LK-9X00 Duo, LK-9X50 Duo, LK-9X70WD, LK-9X90AD, LK-V975 Duo
    • Qvia T-790WD, AR-790WD, Z970, Qvia-R935, Qvia-R975
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