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Gene Café CBR-101 is designed for a household roaster, however lots of Café Owners use it for the Café and Restaurant.


The Gene Café Roaster is our favorite coffee roasting machine!  Reviewers of home coffee roasters give it high marks for being very easy to use yet very powerful and consistent. This top-rated coffee roaster has precise settings to control time and temperature of your roast, giving you an infinite degree of control over your coffee.

You can effectively roast a small 1.8 ounce batch, (50 grams or 8 cups) up to a 8 ounce batch (250 grams or more than 50 cups).  An innovative cooling system allows multiple batches throughout the day.

Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Bean Roaster


    • Specially-designed Roasting Chamber combines the best aspects of fluid bed and drum roasters
    • Indirect heating system and patented Vortex Mixing method for even roasting, no scorching
    • Large capacity chamber allows batches as large as 8 ounces and as small as 1.8 ounces
    • Removable Roasting Chamber for easy filling, emptying, and convenient cleaning.
    • Precise temperature control and timer for fine-tuning each roast
    • Quick cooling system allows for multiple batches
    • Efficient collection of coffee bean chaff
    • Noise reducing design for quiet operation (65 db)
    • Temperature overheat safety switch
    • One year warranty
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