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Road Safety Warning System (ADAS PLUS - LDWS, FCWS/uFCWS, FVMA)

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FineVu CR300*

Download the Latest Firmware, PC Mac Viewer, Manuals, and Mobile Applications For Your Dash Cam

Firmware and viewer for finevu CR300 Dash Camera


Firmware Update File             CR-300HD_Firmware_v2.02.100(eng)                  10.27.2013                                                                                                 

                                                          FineVu_CR300_OBD                                                             —                                  Not Applicable                                              Not Applicable

Viewer Update File                   FineVu_Player(GLOBAL)_v3.1.8                               02.22.2013                                                                                                     Not Available


                                                          FineVu_OBD                                                                              —                                  Not Applicable                                              Not Applicable

Manual Update File                 FineVu_CR300_Manual_EN                                               —   


Use the upgraded dashcam applications for latest firmware update of the dashcam |


Or select your product from popular dash camera

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how to update firmware

Make sure to download correct firmware for your dashcam. If you are using a 2nd Monitor, you must download '2nd Monitor' firmware. If you are only using a dashcam, please download 'Standard' firmware. 1. Click on the Download button for your model and type. 2. Unzip the downloaded file and load all files onto your SD card.(* If your dash cam has a single slot for microSD card, load the firmware files onto your microSD card) 3. With your vehicle ignition ON, insert the SD card back into your dash cam. 4. As the dash cam starts, firmware update will begin automatically. 5. When the update is complete, your dashcam will

reboot and start recording.* Disconnecting the power supply to the dash cam during the update can severelydamage the device. Make sure you do not turn off the power until the update is completely finished.

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