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Are you still drink water from water purifier as it is?

Healthy life enjoying with Dr. Alkastone!


Natural circulation reaction (resonance) by natural mineral: It changes general drinking water which is good on body. Increase of the antioxidant capacity and elevated alkali will enhance revivifying power When you cut an apple, the color of surface chnages soon. this phenomenon happens when the surface contacts with the air oxidation. The revivifying is the opposite of this concept. It will not be oxidized easily because the negative(-) value is higher and the revivifying power is stronger. In other word, antioxidant active(SOD) of the revivifying water will be increased by minus(-) ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). * ORP of deep water is (-)600mV and ORP of tap water is (+)500mV. ORP of Mineral hyfrogen water is (-)150 - (-)300mV. Active oxygen(O3-) can be changed to water(H2O) Active oxygen is not good for our health. Mineral Hydrogen water can be changed to oxygen of water combined with active oxygen in body. * Conversion of water by pure natural ore [Mg+2H2o - <Mg(OH)2 + H2 / H2 + o3- ->H2O] Good for relieving hangovers Minerals in Hydrogen water acts for relieving hangovers by changing aldehyde to less toxic substance.


Dr. Alkastone is introducing the innovation in water and ecology sector: our Premium Alkaline Water Bottle has 16 (!) natural minerals that purify and enhance your water. Our bottle has been developed by leading scientists and nutritionists for health-conscious individuals who seek to improve their health and who care about environment. We believe that alkaline water is LIVING water and is the foundation for conscious minds and healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to deliver the Eco-friendly product that gives superior hydration and access to Alkaline water anywhere you go. Our goal is to expand ecological awareness and support people on their way to joyful life!

Water is one of the most important resources that humans rely on to survive. Pure water rich in minerals is especially vital for a healthy body.

Because of a modern industrialized civilization healthy food and water sources are steadily decreasing. Agricultural chemical fertilizers and air pollution are destroying our soil, polluting our water and contaminating the food that we eat .

Filtered water is not very beneficial to drink because the water filters that we use at home reduce not only harmful contaminants in tap water but also remove vital minerals. Minerals deficiencies can cause various health problems, such as weak bones, chronic fatigue, rough skin, shaking hands and a decreased immune system, diminishing the quality of our lives.    

How can we protect ourselves and our family from the health problems caused by mineral deficiencies?

In 2010, pioneering scientists Jee An Li Du Ha and his research team proved that drinking mineral-rich water every day can prevent 80% of diseases. The ideal way to balance our body’s health is to drink mineral-rich water. The research team used natural stones to develop Dr. Alkastone, which transforms tap water into water rich in minerals and hydrogen.

Since entering the world market in 2014, Dr. Alkastone has gained a global reputation for excellence, drawing attention from countries around the world. The FDA and the Korean Medical Practitioners Association acknowledged Dr. Alkastone as an effective product for making healthy water. In addition, the test results from the Korea Environment and Water Works Institute showed that Dr. Alkastone transforms regular tap water into healthy mineral-rich water.

According to the tests done by the Korea and Water Works Institute, Dr. Alkastone contains more that 16 types of minerals. The materials used for Dr. Alkastone bottles comes from Tritan, that doesn’t contain  BPA, BPS, or any other bisphenols, and it’s clear, durable, safe and stylish design. Hydrogen-rich water from Dr. Alkastone is proven to be healthy and safe by medical societies around the world.

Health benefits:

Weight loss


Skin recovering

Immunity boost

Slow aging process

Metabolism improvement

Energy and vitality increase

Prevention of chronic diseases

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